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The seas of Titan prove god exists…yeah (cough).

Saturn setting over the hydrocarbon seas of Titan

It annoys me when creationists use holes in our current knowledge as a way to try to prove the existence of god. Especially when they bring the solar system into it.

Science is only just beginning to explore the solar system and beyond so it’s an easy place to pick holes; similar to picking on the fat kid. I just read a post over at ‘New Discoveries & Comments about Creationism’ that postulated that because the science based prediction of liquid hydrocarbon lakes on Titan was misjudged it therefore proves that the moon isn’t as old as scientists say and therefore was made by god. First of all, yes, I know that if this stuff annoys me I shouldn’t be reading a blog with a name like that but I feel that it would be bigoted to not engage in arguments simply because their view is so different. Anyway…

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Solar sauce: How to make a sun.

If I had to choose a religion the sun as the universal giver of life would be my god

A cloud of hydrogen slowly forming into a star

-Napoleon Bonaparte

Serves – approx 7 billion

Prep time – 10 billions years

Cooking time – A few seconds


  • 3 parts Colossal Hydrogen gas cloud
  • 1 Part free Helium gas
  • A cloud of dust
  • Trace elements – season to taste
  • A pinch of gravity

This is a great little recipe that will last a long time if placed in a void-like vacuum and is a helpful addition to many other recipes. The best thing about it is that it’s self heating; just combine the ingredients then retreat several million kilometres and enjoy the show. First of all you need a good baking platform; we like to use a Big BangTM brand universe. This great little platform comes as an undefined, hot, very dense state that when activated will expand fairly rapidly. It will probably keep on expanding past the size you need but don’t worry too much about this: it’s just something the maker added to confuse the scientists that come later. It will actually provide you with a lot of laughs in about 14 billion years. Anyway, this expanding platform is awesome, though can be a little controversial: some people prefer Steady StateTM brand universes and a few still use the slightly antiquated God-Clicked-His-FingersTM model. Use whichever you like but we’ll be using the former so it’ll be referenced herein. Continue reading