Book Reviw: The Road

The Road by Cormac McCarthy

Published by Random House

This weeks book is one of the best I’ve ever read. I watched the movie ‘The Road’ first and then, because I’m a book person first and foremost, went straight out and purchased it. It’s amazing. Better than the movie but also very different. More visceral and more harrowing because reading gives you time to develop a deeper connection with a character than a movie will.

The pretense of the book is that of a world on the way out. Humanity is at it’s dregs, a scattered handful that squabble, fight and steal to survive. The earth is dying, growing cold and dark, and the main characters, a man and his boy, travel across America in hope reaching the coast.

The post-apocalyptic setting isn’t a gimmick, or a stupid way to introduce zombies into the story, but rather is simply a device to allow for the author to stage the emotional journal for the characters. It’s like the blindness in Jose Saramago’s book of that name. The horror of the world enhances their moments as a father traveling with his son and innocence of the boy.The book has been universally loved by critics, won the Pulitzer prize for fiction, and was praised by environmentalists for bringing the environmental issues to the public in a way that the reader can’t help but engage with. And he does it all without mentioning what happened, who the characters are, who long it has been or where they have come from. Simplistic perfection.

Buy the book and read it in one sitting. You might cry, you might cringe, you might even feel the need to make the odd change in your life. Just watch out for the baby being roasted over a fire, it will change you.

5/5 again.

Here’s the link.


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